Internal Family Systems (IFS),EMDR & Sensorimotor

IFS, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy are all highly effective, efficient and non-threatening techniques to treat a wide range of problem behavior and emotional distress, as well as harmful effects of trauma.

All are body-oriented therapies in which the client is gently guided to be mindfully aware of the symptoms and memories of the trauma and its effects on the mind and body. As treatment progresses, a level of acceptance and objectivity is achieved. It is this combination of awareness in a safe and supportive environment with an attitude of acceptance that allows natural, client driven processing of the past trauma and brings healing.
I currently most often use IFS in my therapy work. From years of experience I have found it to have even more benefits and be more effective than other modalities. IFS recognizes patterns of reactivity and problem behavior as old ways of coping from past trauma and stress. Over time these reactions (old coping) become deeply conditioned into our unconscious mind and body which make it resistant to conscious intervention. These conditioned, uniquely different aspects of our personality are stuck in the past but get triggered automatically in present day situations. Using an innovative mindful centering technique, IFS offers a compassionate way to get in touch with these reactive "parts" of us, better understand what's beneath their reactivity and enable significant healing.

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