What Makes Me Unique as a Therapist

I believe that a rich and varied life experience helps me to be a better therapist and more accepting person. For years I have lived in diverse cultures and worked with a broad spectrum of socioeconomic groups. Service to others is an important part of my life. I have worked as a volunteer in a reforestation project in Haiti and at a teachers' college in China. I have also served as a mentor to youth. Years of committed practice to a body-centered meditation has enriched my awareness and appreciation for the mind/ body/ spirit interconnectedness of reality and its essential role in healing. Finally, my passion and sense of purpose I have for my work can be summed up in a statement, roughly remembered, by an Australian Aborigine to a development worker: “If you have come to our village to fix us, your time has been wasted. But if you see that you life journey is somehow connected with my own, then come, let us work together.”

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