My Approach to Therapy

My approach matches specific therapy techniques to the individual needs of my clients. This is done in a collaborative manner which respects the input and uniqueness of each person. Over my years of training, I chose to learn those techniques which most effectively address the root causes of the problems most people face. These include developmental effects of insufficient or unhealthy attachment during childhood, a lack of skills for dealing with emotional stress and/ or life tasks, and trauma – an overwhelming experience that feels like a threat to self or loved ones.
This said, there are common elements of therapy present in all cases. Regardless of the initial concern or the intervention used, the connection between therapist and client is of fundamental importance to the individual's healing process. To this end, I work to create the safest, most non-judgmental space in which people can share openly. This allows the client to gain greater trust and confidence in the therapy process and in their own ability to change.
Therapy typically progresses as follows. Coping skills such as breathing and guided imagery techniques are taught and practiced to help alleviate the most urgent of the presenting problems. This reduction in stress and anxiety is necessary for later work. Simply having the opportunity to share emotional burdens in a safe and confidential setting also helps individuals to feel more relaxed and more able to access their own resources for beneficial change. Once the person is ready, we then work on underlying causes of the problem, issues like trauma and wounded primary relationships, with the help of techniques like EMDR and/ or Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. As therapy progresses further, individuals may also work on long-term goals that improve their overall quality of life, happiness and resilience to daily stressors. They learn new habits, explore new meaning and purpose for their lives and improve the quality of their relationships and social support, among other goals.
Part of therapy simply can not be explained by any theory. It is an art, the process often a mystery. I honor this and the inner wisdom of each individual to heal and attain wellness. I see my job as a helper in liberating this healing power from within you.

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